Washanaksha Grant Application Now Available

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Washanaksha Cultural Coalition is seeking grant
applications for projects and activities for the Fiscal Year of 2019. Grant funding is sponsored
by The Oregon Cultural Trust which provides funding to Oregon County groups and Tribes to
support the arts and heritage. The Oregon Cultural Trust is a public funded program and the funding
is to benefit all Tribal Members, Other Indians, and Residents of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.
The fiscal sponsor is The Museum At Warm Springs.

The Washanaksha Board must support projects and activities that address one of the following four priorities outlined within the Warm Springs Washanaksha Cultural Plan:

  • Promote Tribal Member and Residents’ understanding of and involvement in cultural activities,
    traditions, arts, language, dance, history, music, etc.
  • Pass on Tribal knowledge and practices to our youth and help them feel connected to their culture.
  • Preserve, Practice, and Teach our Tribal Languages: Ichishkin, Numu, and Kiksht.
  • Support the work of our artists and traditional teachers, including their ability to earn a living from
    their work.

The maximum grant award is $1,200.  The Washanaksha Board wants to make awards to as many applicants
as possible.  You can download a Washanaksha Grant Application Packet HERE