KWSO News 5/24/19

Warm Springs K-8 Academy 8th grade students took a field trip to Sidwalter yesterday to enjoy a piano concert outdoors with classical pianist Hunter Noack.  Noack grew up in Sunriver and is a working classical musician who started a project called In the Landscape – where he plays the piano in settings in nature on public lands.  Concert goers wear headphones to clearly hear the music.  Yesterday – Warm Springs Flute Player James Greeley performed with Noack who says they have another concert scheduled here for September…

Yesterday’s event was part of the WSK8 8th grade promotion events as those students get ready for high school this fall.

The Lil’ Miss Warm Springs Pageant took place this week at the Community Center. Crowned Wednesday evening were Shantelle Henry- Sr. Lil’ Miss W.S., Jaliyah George- Jr. Lil’ Miss W.S. and Ashlyn Wolfe- Lil’ Miss W.S.

The Museum at Warm Springs will feature Indian Boarding Schools, particularly Warm Springs schools, with its new exhibit opening in June. The exhibit is called “Resilience: The Boarding School Experience of Warm Springs and Beyond.” It is set to open June 27th.  You can read more about the exhibit in the latest Spilyay Tymoo.

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial launch into summer. Experts already predict that this will be the busiest traffic weekend of the year. To help keep your spirits high during your vehicle travel, take a few pointers from Oregon State Police. Plan ahead, be prepared and above all else be patient. Timing your departure can make all the difference. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination without getting frustrated when heavy traffic puts a pause in your time frame. Know your routes and options if you come across detours or construction. OSP likes to encourage all drivers in Oregon to use the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Ensure your vehicle is properly equipped and in good working order to avoid maintenance emergencies. If you are traveling with children, have something to keep them occupied. Games, snacks and pillows for sleeping will not only keep them occupied, but it will keep your attention where it needs, on the road. The Oregon State Police patrol will be out in force this weekend. Oregon State Troopers will be focusing on maintaining the flow of traffic as well as enforcing all traffic laws but especially the Fatal 5. These 5 major categories of driving behaviors contribute to most fatal or serious injury crashes: SPEED, OCCUPANT SAFETY, LANE SAFETY, IMPAIRED DRIVING and DISTRACTED DRIVING.