KWSO News for 10/30/19

A boil water notice was issued last week by the Water and Wastewater Division of the Public Utilities department due to a loss of water pressure. The boil water notice applies to all residences and businesses in the Warm Springs Agency area. When water mains lose pressure it increases the chance that untreated water and harmful microbes can enter your water. Keep in mind the water is still safe to use for flushing toilets and showering and can be consumed if you choose to boil the water for 3 mins and cool before using. Drinking water distribution is being coordinated by Warm Springs Emergency Management with the distribution center open at the Old Elementary Library from 7am-6pm on weekdays and over the weekend 10am-3pm. The Notice is expected to be in effect at least until today, we will update you as updates are received.

Due to very low temperatures, a warming shelter was opened last night at the Youth Center in Warm Springs where the Boys and Girls Club had vacated and 5 people had been reported to have used it.  They were opened from 7pm-7am. No meals are going to be provided, but coffee and possibly hot cocoa would be available. Because of anticipated temperatures below 32 degrees, the shelter will be open again tonight beginning at 7pm. Capacity for the shelter is estimated at 13 people. Each person wanting to utilize the shelter will be screened before being admitted in and expected to adhere to the rules of the Shelter.

In related news, NeighborImpact is distributing funds in support of warming shelters across the region. The nonprofit was awarded an Emergency Solutions Grant by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is sharing 100 percent of those funds with partner organizations. NeighborImpact is passing over $107 thousand of funds on to nine regional providers offering emergency shelter or street outreach services to people experiencing homelessness in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties. A point in time count found nearly 900 individuals experiencing homelessness across Central Oregon last January. For more information about Central Oregon’s warming shelters and their availability, visit NeighborImpact

A connection between Mosaic Medical and MHS Students is building with the renovation of the Pediatric Health Clinic on MHS Campus underway. The Bend Bulletin reports that Mosaic Medical received $34,000 in May from the state to spruce up the recently opened clinic. Madras Construction students are working on two aspects of the clinic renovation: building a deck and a pergola just outside the small building. The first update took place in June, which was repainting the building to the High Schools colors. The plan is to have the renovations complete by mid-December. The clinic at Madras High is one of six school based health centers Mosiac operates and serves children from birth to 18, even when school is not in session. You also do not need to be enrolled at MHS or even in Jefferson County to seen at the Health Clinic. Tamarra Harris, who runs all of Mosaic’s pediatric clinics, says she believes once the renovation is finished, students will take pride in the refreshed clinic.

Locally: Madras Lady Buffs Soccer hosted Estacada in their final game of the season and stumbled losing 1-0. The lady buffs finish their season with 3 wins and 11 losses overall. Buff Boys Soccer traveled to Estacada yesterday looking for a win and possible chance to make the playoffs and fell to the Rangers 5-2. Their overall record is 7 Wins 5 Losses 2 Ties.