KWSO News for 11/13/19

The Warm Springs K-8 Academy’s Honor Roll has been released, here are the names of the students from 6th grade who have made the Honor Roll. With Honors, Daniel Jackson, Esther Kalama-Tufti, Angelo Smith, Cassidy Dixon, Charmaine Chee, Wallace Herkshan, Ramon Greene, Azsure Hoptowit, Maria Johnson, Gavin Williams and Maylene Smith. With High Honors: Kalyssa Fuentes, Jalena Howe-Weaselhead, Armando Becerra Jr, Roxy Crowe-Wallulatum, Priscilla Johnson, Daunte Hurtado, Jessica Johnson, Tamera Kalama-Boise, Evaristo Antunez Jr, Mahayla Cisco, Aja Nah Jefferson, Laleesha Kentura, Skye Victorino, Diaquan Winishut-Boise and Ashlyn Wolfe. With Highest Honors: LaRhia Stevens. Great Job 6th Grade Students! From 7th grade Honor Roll. With Honors: Aiden Brunoe, Julia Wolfe, Darius Squiemphen, Annalese Brisbois-James, Kurtis Boise Jr, Adison Goodlance, Kera Lawrence, Matthew Smith, Jessie Bobb, Onalesiah Johnson and Chamille Smith. With High Honors: Brian Tulee, Kaylyani Estimo, Diego Arthur, Serenity Bisland, Kiahna Allen, Trecee Graybael, Bianca Plazola, Kadance Pettibone and Kyra Tohet. The students from 8th grade who have made the Honor Roll. With Honors: Terianna Heath, Ivan Goodlance, CharlaMay Tohet, Keith Charley III, Joseph Miller, Carlicia Dixon, Fontaine Fuentes, Chiara Jensen, Alosha Wainanwit-Sohappy, Ivory Ascencio, Makaiyah Gardner, Lucius Medina Smith, Sirita Wallulatum-VanPelt and Dasan Begay. With High Honors: Angeles Antunez, Latrell VanPelt-Graybael, Keira Tortalita, Seneca Ball, Talise Wapsheli, RicoDave Perez-Greene, Skytus Smith, Chavondra Thompson, Noelani Kalama, Charlene White, Jocelyn Greene, Maxine Johnson, Rylan Davis, Yesenia Collins, Sasha Esquiro and Kalyn Leonard. Great Job 6th 7th & 8th Grade Students.

A Public Meeting today for the Highway 26 Warm Springs Safety Corridor Project will take place at noon and again at 6pm at the Greeley Heights Community Building. With no sidewalks or bicycle lanes provided in the Highway 26 Corridor in Warm Springs and an average daily traffic volume of 6700 vehicles per day, the Highway 26 Warm Springs Safety Corridor Plan Project will improve the safety of US 26. The meetings today are an opportunity to visit with the representatives from the Oregon Department of Transportation for all your questions and a review of the safety corridor plans.

With November being Native American Heritage Month, Central Oregon Community College (COCC) is hosting a few events starting today with a screening of: Navajo Code Talkers of World War 2 at the Madras COCC campus at 5:30pm and then again at the Bend Campus tomorrow starting at 4pm. This Documentary film features five warriors from the Navajo Nation who served as Code Talkers. On November 18th and 19th they will feature Native American Flute Music with Warm Springs Tribal Member Clem Picard. Performance on the 18th will be at the Madras COCC Campus and 19th at the Bend Campus, both performances start at 6pm. Then Warm Springs Hip Hop Artist Blue Flamez will perform on Friday Nov 22nd at the Bend Campus starting at 6pm. All of these events are free and open to the Public. For more information you can call 541-318-3782.

Tananáwit, a Community of Warm Springs Artists, Is now recruiting local contemporary & traditional artists, craftspeople & artisans to expand their membership as they are close to 100 members. This community-based organization began as a project of the Warm Springs Community Action team and has grown to become its own 501c3 non-profit organization. As a member of Tananawit, you get access to workshops and mentoring, communication about activities and quarterly artist newsletters and more.  For those of you interested, you can download a Tananawit Membership Form, compete it and return it to Emily Courtney, the Arts Business & Marketing Specialist at the Warm Springs Community Action Team.  For more information you can contact her at 541-553-3148 or