Support KWSO in 2020!

Public Radio Stations like KWSO rely in part on listener support.  Sustaining members are ongoing, monthly contributors.  We have 10 dollar a month and 20 dollar a month options.

  • Martha Winishut  recommends KWSO – awesome music & local events
  • Brian Smith reviewed KWSO — 5 star – I stream it down here in Phoenix. Takes me there where family and friends are.
  • Sustaining Member David Stambaugh – Eugene, OR – I’d like to encourage people I know to support KWSO. I love the positive energy radiating from your station.

On January 1, 2020 – stores and restaurants, in Oregon, can no longer offer single use bags.  If you become a KWSO Sustaining Member before January 1, 2020 you will receive a KWSO reusable shopping bag, made from recycled material.

One more reason to listen and support KWSO – The Morning Routine – weekdays from 6-9am.  NPR News – KWSO news – Community Calendar – Information – Events – News Off the Beaten Path & Music.  The Morning Routine features Talking Drum music from 5-7am and our KWSO Music Mix from 7-9am – weekdays here on KWSO!

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