KWSO News for 1/22/20

At the Tribal Council session on January 6th, there were updates by BIA, and Realty. There was a motion to adopt Resolution No. 12,655 granting a tribal member a 50-year home site lease in the Tenino Valley area on tribal land. It was described that the tribe reserves the right to cancel the lease upon six months written notice to lessee in the event that the lease premises are needed for tribal community development or land exchange purposes or for such other substantive reason cancellation may be deemed necessary by the tribes. They also put two grazing leases on hold for input from the ride bosses. And finished with an update from Indian Health service.

The Warm Springs Tribal Council was in session on Tuesday Jan. 7th and during this session, Agency District representative Lola Sohappy resigned her role as the Tribal Council Vice Chair, but will continue as an Agency District Representative.  Due to the resignation of the Vice Chair, Brigette McConville of the Seekseekqua District was appointed as the Vice Chair. Also during this session, Resolutions 12,656, 12,657 & 12,658 that covered 2020 fishing regulations and tribal subsistence fishing for smelt in the Sandy and Cowlitz Rivers during 2020 were approved. There were also Updates on the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund and a Transfer Stations update. Lastly there was a chuush fund amendment.

An Oregon lawmaker says she’ll introduce a bill next month to lower the speed limit on sections of highway where people are putting chains on their vehicles. KLCC’s Chris Lehman reports: “Bend Republican Cheri Helt drives back and forth across the Cascades many times each winter getting to and from the state capitol. Helt uses traction tires so she doesn’t usually have to chain up. But she says drivers who do install chains have to do so just a few feet away from moving traffic. Helt says her bill would create lower speed limits for chain-up areas, similar to speed zones that exist near schools. Cheri Helt:”When you put a chain on a tire you really have to get down on the ground and get under the car to get that chain on there, and so you’re laying on the ground while cars are driving in icy conditions.” Helt says the lower limits would only be in effect when the chain-up area is in use. She says the idea for the bill came from a constituent whose husband is a truck driver. I’m Chris Lehman reporting.”

Oregon’s legislative session begins in less than two weeks. Southern Oregon state Representative Pam Marsh is proposing new legislation to increase funding for broadband internet in rural parts of the state. JPR’s Erik Neumann has more. “An estimated 400,000 Oregonians lack adequate internet, according to Marsh, including school districts and public libraries. To increase internet access the Ashland state Representative says she’ll propose legislation that expands a telecom surcharge, currently reserved for landline users, to cell phone and voice-over-internet users as well. The result would create a “broadband fund” to expand internet access in rural Oregon. Marsh: What we know is that the internet touches every aspect of our lives anymore. It’s the way we do business, it’s the way we communicate with each other. It’s the way we organize politically and within our communities. The broadband fund would be capped at $5 million per year. Marsh says users would get billed around $4 dollars each year. She says the funds would be distributed as grants and loans. And they would help create cash matching programs to get more federal money to improve internet connections in schools. I’m Erik Neumann reporting.”

In Local Sports the Madras High School Buff Boys basketball hosted Corbett last night and came away victorious 74-44. High Scorers were Donnie Bagley with 23 points and Dapri Miller with 20. Lady Buffs traveled to Corbett and dropped the Cardinals 56-28. Led by Jiana Smith-Francis with 13 points and Jayden Davis with 10. At the Warm Springs K-8, the Girls Basketball teams will be hosting Elton Gregory Middle School today with games starting at 3:45pm.