Calendar for Sat. Apr. 11, 2020

Things everyone should be doing to help stop the spread of COVID-19 is to:

  • Stay home as much as possible (kids, too).
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others any time you are out
  • Go out only for essentials like groceries, medical care, or work.
  • Wear a face mask – even a homemade cloth mask – when in public
  • Exercise Outside but stay 6 feet apart from others.
  • Use phone and video to connect with people instead of in person

DO NOT – Gather in groups – Get together with friends – Have play dates for kids – or Make unnecessary trips

The Symptoms of COVID-19 are: a cough, fever and shortness of breath.  If you have those symptoms this weekend – call the Registered Nurse Health Advice Hotline at 1-866-470-2015.

The Native American Music Awards Facebook page will be hosting a FB Live concert featuring several artists at different times today. Two artists are award winning from Warm Springs. Native American Flutist James Greeley and Hip Hop Artist Blue Flamez will be performing on the show live on NAMA FB Live at 2pm. They will be followed by Shelley Morningsong and Fabian Fontenelle from Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, Joanne Shenandoah from Norther New York and Jimmy Wolf from Upstate New York.

All schools in Oregon are closed for the rest of the school year.  The Jefferson County 509 J School District will be sharing their “Distance Learning for All” plan to guide students and families through learning for the next two months.  Keep checking the district website for an update at

Warm Springs Telecom is offering free wi-fi for students and others at the Agency & Simnasho Longhouses, plus the Sidwalter & Seekseequa Fire Halls.  You can access the wi-fi from the parking lot but you do need a password.  Call Warm Springs Telecom at 541-615-0555 to get the password.

A resource for educational programming here in Warm Springs are the free OPB TV digital channels available in the Agency and Sunnyside areas.  If you have a digital TV – all you need is an antenna for channels 3.1, 3.2, & 3.3.  Channel 3.4 is OPB Radio.

If you are in a situation where you are experiencing abuse or domestic violence – the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Victims of Crime Services is available to help.  For 24-hour emergency response to victims in crisis – call 541-553-2293.

Warm Springs Head Start asks families to return Community Assessments by dropping them off in the Drop Box at the Early Childhood Education Center.   You can also do the assessment online.  That link is posted on today’s community Calendar that you can find at

To vote in the May 19th Primary in Oregon – you must be registered to vote by April 28th.  To register you can visit and click on the voter registration link

The easiest way to complete the 2020 Census during the Covid-19 pandemic is to do it online at  If you don’t have the ability to do the census online – you can do the questionnaire by phone.  Call 844-330-2020.  They will begin by asking you for your census ID number.  Because the letters with that number were only mailed to people who get their mail at their street address – most folks in Warm Springs don’t have their Census ID number.  So just say you don’t have one. They ask for your street address, if you rent or own your home, your sex, age & date of birth, your heritage and race.  They will also ask about who was living in your home on April 1st – how they are related to you, their age and so on.   For Native American households its best to have the census completed by someone who is Native American.  Tribal Members and descendants should fill in “Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Oregon.”  Whether you do the 2020 census online or by phone – the Warm Springs Community Count Committee asks that you take time to do your census today, if you haven’t already done so.