KWSO News for Thu., Aug. 13, 2020

12 new cases of Covid-19 were reported in Wednesday’s Covid-19 UPDATE from the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. There have been a total of 224 positive cases since testing began and 180 individuals have recovered. 2323 tests have been done. There were 13 test results pending at the close of yesterday.

The Shitike Creek water main replacement was completed on Saturday as scheduled.  Branch of Public Utilities General Manager Travis Wells says there were no water pressure issues and all services had water to use during the main line shutdown.  While, reservoir levels took a little bit of a hit, none were left without water.  This week, the water crew will be doing BacT testing to provide the required documentation to EPA so that the boil water notice can possibly be lifted this Friday, with the exception of the Kah-Nee-Ta area.  Until that confirmation from EPA is received, the boil water notice will remain in effect for the agency area. Wells stresses that folks continue to conserve water as they prepare for the next phase of the crossing that will provide a permanent solution with a 16″ main line crossing the Shitike Creek Bridge which is slated for construction in spring 2021. The next projects will address the large finish water pumps at the Dry Creek water treatment plant, pressure reducing valve (PRV) repairs and the EPA required plant upgrades. As with any aging system, there remains a chance that there may be main line breaks that could require specific areas to lose water pressure and possibly require a localized boil water notice.

The Yakama Legends Casino opens its doors today for the first time since March, when the pandemic forced the Yakama Tribal Council to close its casino. The business employs almost 800 people. The Yakama Nation as a sovereign nation currently has a public safety order banning all social and religious gatherings, but still the community is reliant on the income from the casino. Letisha Peterson is the general manager at the casino, she says employees will be temperature screened and are following strict cleaning schedules and social distancing protocols. Guests will also be screened and asked to wear a mask. Smoking indoors is no longer allowed.

An attempt by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to detain two men in Bend did not go as planned Wednesday afternoon, after hundreds of protesters stalled the action for more than 10 hours. OPB’s Emily Cureton reports: