Fall Into Fitness

Challenge Starts:  November 2nd –November 20th

Details of Challenge:

“Fall Into Fitness” is focusing on mental and physical wellness.  As we know, this has been a year to really reflect on some personal growth.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this challenge just like “A Step In The Right Direction” and will be based on an honor system and weekly reporting.   There will be prizes and weekly challenges like before.


  1. Create a reporting system that works for you (excel, word, google sheets)
  2. Pack your lunch Monday-Friday. Focus on healthy options (whole foods, low-fat and nutritious)
  3. Exercise for 30 minutes a day (walk, bike, hike, etc.)

 Report to Jennifer.robbins@wstribes your weekly progress. 

Remember! The community center is open for scheduled workout times.                                                                                Call and book and appointment to come in @ 541-553-3243. 

check out the flyer HERE