KWSO News for Thu., Jun. 10, 2021

There is an opportunity to get your COVID-19 vaccination at the Healing from Grief Conference that is happening today in front of the Behavioral Health Center.  Warm Springs Health & Wellness staff will be set up to offer your choice of the three COVID-19 vaccines.  No appointment is needed.


Today is the last day of school for Jefferson County 509-J students.  At the Warm Springs K8 yesterday was the annual egg drop for Kindergarten thru 5th grade classrooms and the 8th grade class had their family car parade and recognition.  Today is field day and students will enjoy lunch in classrooms with an ice cream treat.  Students do need to be sure and return all technology that they checked out from the school this past year and return all library books.

The Councilors at the K8 want to recognize are the student names for demonstrating GRIT this school year:

Abigail Eriza                                       Emery Spino                                       Mathias Martin

Accalia Charley                                Estan Aguilar                                      Miayala Suppah

Aiden Jimenez Orozco                    Fiske Clark                                          Payton Noonon

Aiyana Suppah                                 Giuliana Bethaliss                              Pearl Heath

Amarius Stevens                               Glenn Whiz                                        Pixie Santos Red Dog

Andrew Winishut Paul                       Heaven Stwyer                                  Quintin Ohte

Annalese Brisbois-James                  Irenecia Smith-Queahpama                RayLine Anderson

Ariany Eriza                                        Jacob Adams                                   Raysin Miller

Arlene Jim                                          Jaden Suppah                                  Renee Robinson Garcia

Asher Stwyer                                      Jalen Switzler                                     Reyden Medina

Attica Garcia                                    Jalena Howe Weaselhead                 River Edwards

Ava Collins                                         Jamie Tohet                                      Robyn Givens

Brooklin Switzler                                 Jayden Esquiro                                  Sequoya Edwards

Caden Greene                                 Joesph Boise                                     Taniyah Spino

Calvin Charley Jr.                             JoLessa Main                                     Tommy Eaglespeaker

Carla Wananiwit                               Kade Fueava                                    Tony Suppah

CC Jade Selam Van Pelt                 Keadyn Jensen                                 Veronica Givens

Ciara Wolfe                                       Kylan Yaw                                          Wallace Herkshan

Craig Tailfeathers                              Kyle Frank                                           Warrior Smith

Danelle Andy                                   Lazarus Hellon                                    Winola Brisbois

Daniel Jackson                                  Louis Smith                                         Wylie Brisbois

Daniel Tewee                                    Lundy Tewee                                     Y’isidro Greene

Deklyn Parton                                    Maddison Jim                                    Zashawn Perez

Diaz Arthur                                         Maria Johnson                                  Ziriako Kollen

Donnie Polk Tewee                           Marie Wahchumwah

Ella Caldera                                       Marsaddius Sohappy Perez

The Warm Springs  Prevention Team is planning an acknowledgement activity for  6th – 8th grade Honor Students for their academic achievement at mid-term, by hosting an afternoon of bowling and pizza at Madras Bowl on June 18th at 1:00 pm.   Families will need to provide transportation.  If your honor student wants to participate please call Joni Wallulatum at Prevention, 541-615-0036.


Warm Springs Tribal Subsistence Fishers that have been Negatively Effected by COVID-19 can apply for financial assistance.  The Warm Springs Fish and Wildlife Committee will oversee the application and financial awards process.  Funds are very limited.  The amount of funding a subsistence fisher might receive is unknown until all applications are submitted and evaluated by the Committee.  Application forms are available at the Tribal Administration Office.  Completed forms must be returned to the drop box at the Tribal Administration Office no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, July 2.  HERE is the full notice


In prep sports both Madras basketball teams lost to Corbett on Tuesday night and they are looking to turn that around tonight.  The girls will travel to Corbett and the boys are home.  KWSO will broadcast the boys game live here on 91.9 FM with tip off at 7.