KWSO News for Mon., Nov. 14, 2022

In Warm Springs, the Comp & Benefits Department is going to have some meetings with representatives from Health Comp, Allegiance and Hartford Supplemental Insurance today and Wednesday from 1pm-3pm. They will also be holding virtual meetings with BOK Financial Monday Tuesday and Wednesday at 9, 10 and 11am. The meetings will be recorded and available to everyone online. A link will be sent to everyone by email along with the forms and information for all to review and complete. The Deadline to submit forms is November 30th with a hard copy of the forms required at the Human Resources Department at the Admin. The forms are still being updated and effective January 1st, 2023, the Tribes are switching supplemental insurance from SunLife to Hartford. Questions and comments can be directed to

Measure 114 has passed. That means new, stricter gun laws will soon go into effect in Oregon. Lillian Mongeau Hughes has more on reaction from opponents of the measure. “Ross Eliot is not your typical Oregon gun owner. He’s proudly leftist. He lives in Portland. And his side job is to teach people how to acquire and use a gun. After the racial reckoning of 2020, he’d hoped police accountability would become a focus for lawmakers. But this new law requires local law enforcement agencies to issue permits – “something which massively expands police powers. So that’s, that’s just particularly heartbreaking to see happening.” The new laws will require a permit to purchase a firearm and ban magazines that carry 10 bullets or more. Lillian Mongeau Hughes, OPB” In a Statement released on November 13th, Jefferson County Sheriff Jason Pollock has stated that his office will not enforce Measure 114, stating that he doesn’t have personnel to attempt to permit every gun purchase in Jefferson County. The statement on his stance on Measure 114 is available to view on the Jefferson County Sheriff Facebook page.

There’s still a chance to restore grizzly bears in Washington’s North Cascades. The National Park Service and the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service announced THURSDAY the reopening of a process to consider how to help grizzly bears in the region. Correspondent Courtney Flatt has more. “This second look at bringing more grizzly bears into Washington state comes after federal officials abruptly ended a similar review in 20-20. That review had been in the works for five years, deeply dividing many ranchers and wildlife advocates. Biologists say Washington’s grizzly bear population won’t survive without some help. Grizzly bears are endangered in Washington state. Biologists say there may only be a handful of grizzly bears left in Washington’s North Cascades ecosystem, which is cut off from other grizzly bear habitat. The last sighting of a grizzly in the region happened in 19-96. According to the National Parks Service, grizzly bears are an essential part of the North Cascades ecosystem. The bears help keep other wildlife populations in check. Grizzlies also spread nutrients throughout their habitat. This new review process of potential environmental impacts to bringing grizzlies to the region will include an option that would give local land managers more control over managing the bears.” Virtual public comment meetings will begin this week with one meeting at noon on Tuesday [11/15] and another at 7 p-m on Friday [11/18]. Two more virtual meetings will take place in December.

In Local Sports: The Warm Springs K-8 Eagles Boys basketball hosted Crook County on Thursday. The 7th Grade B team won their game 28-12, The 7th Grade A team won 50-25. The 8th Grade B team won 29-14 and the 8th Grade A team won by a score of 56-45. The Eagles will host Obsidian today with the 7th Grade teams at the Community Center and the 8th Grade teams at the K-8 Academy. Tip-off is set for 4pm.

KWSO Weather for Central Oregon:

  • Mostly Sunny today with a high near 44 degrees
  • Tonight, Partly Cloudy with a low around 20
  • Partly Sunny tomorrow with a high of 46 degrees