Festival of the Land Celebrates History & Culture of Cove Palisades June 3

The Festival of the Land will celebrate the diverse history, food and cultures from Central Oregon June 3rd from 10am to 3pm.

Oregon Parks and Recreation says, “Since time immemorial people have traveled to the Crooked River and the Deschutes River canyons to hunt, trap, fish or grow food. Many cultures have made this area home, and each brings a diversity of experiences to share. This multicultural event looks at the food and resources that drew many cultures to this area and what inspires us all now to steward this land for the future.”

The Festival of the Land is part of State Parks Day, an annual celebration that offers free camping and day-use the first Saturday in June at Oregon State Parks. It is one of seven events on June 3 this year in addition to free camping and day use.

Festival of the Land visitors will have an opportunity to learn about the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, vaqueros who rode and roped on cattle ranches, wheat farmers who came from Grandview and Geneva and the cove’s orchard that once was the primary source of fresh fruit for Central Oregon. Oregon State University now uses the land for research of best practices.

The event includes:

  1. History, culture and wildlife displays
  2. Dutch oven cooking demonstrations
  3. Archeology hikes
  4. Kids’ games and activities
  5. Petting “zoo”
  6. Mini farmers market, pollinator, wildfire and fish displays, fry bread and more

Parking is free but will be limited. Additional parking will be available with a shuttle service from the Crooked River Campground area.

The event was made possible through the generous support of PGE and the Rotary Club of Jefferson County as well as several community groups, organizations and nonprofits. Learn more about the event on the Facebook page or event page.