Warm Springs OSU Extension August 2023

It’s Summertime and if you have been gardening or just shopping for fresh produce you know there is an abundance of summer vegetables available.

This Month, Warm Springs OSU Extension is focused on summer squash, zucchini and other vegetables.

Summer squash are high in vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber.   There is a variety of squash including: Zucchini; Scallop or Patty Pan; Round Ball; Yellow Crookneck and Straitneck and of course Squash Blossoms are also edible. Check out this Summer Squash Food Hero Monthly.

Canning summer squash, including zucchini, is not recommended but there are other ways to preserve them through freezing, drying, pickling and by making relish.  HERE are some details.

check out this YUMMY RECIPE for baked zucchini sticks that make a great snack for dipping.

You can take advantage of fresh produce in abundance by canning vegetables.  Do read over this advice about being prepared, having the right equipment and maintaining food safety as you can those veggies.  Canning Vegetables Information