WSCAT Oregon Cultural Trust Funding

The Oregon Cultural Trust has announced close to $3 million in 2024 grant allocations that will be be distributed to 136 arts, heritage and humanities organizations across the state.

Funding is made possible by generous Oregonians who invested $5.2 million in the Cultural Tax Credit in 2023, this year’s awards bring the cumulative total of Cultural Trust grants to almost $40 million since its founding in 2001.

The 2024 Cultural Development Program award recipients feature 21 organizations receiving their first-ever Cultural Trust award.

First time recipients include:  the Warm Springs Community Action Team for $32,673 “to preserve the rite of passage ceremony of the Name Giving Ceremony where Native youth receive their Indian Name. It will help families prepare for the giveaway part of the ceremony by hosting craft nights, food gathering trips and first-food processing classes”.

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