KWSO Radio · Our People and Mother Earth Canoe Journey Indigenous Nations Podcast

The final destination of the Canoe Journey brought N’chi Wanapum – the Big River People Canoe Family – to the Muckleshoot Reservation. It is here that KWSO got to interview a variety of other canoe families in attendance at Muckleshoot’s advanced and spacious community center. . Their gracious hosting of the massive event involving a variety of different canoe families from all over the Indigenous Nation was a sight to behold. The Quinault Canoe Family – Hump Tulips Queen – traveled with N’chi Wanapum from the beginning of their journey together at Celilo Village. Their camaraderie shined as they paddled alongside each other towards Muckleshoot. The Muckleshoot tribe hosted the protocols for all the tribes in attendance within their vast community center. Amidst the beautiful sharing of culture and songs.