KWSO Radio · Quilts Of Valor – KWSO Warm Springs Program Podcast

Recently – an organization called Quilts of Valor came to Warm Springs to present quilts to Veterans Dennis Thompson and Rain Circle.  Quilts of Valor has evolved from a small volunteer effort into a national non profit that awards high quality quilts to a service member or Veteran who has been touched by war.    Maureen Orr Eldred shares some details about how these quilts are created

Quilts of Valor is a non profit organization. If you know a veteran or service member touched by way – you can nominate them so they can be wrapped in their own comforting and healing Quilt of Valor. The Eldreds plan on returning to Warm Springs in June so if you are planning on nominating a Veteran – do it soon so they can present it at that time. Learn more at www Q O V F (quilts of valor foundation) dot ORG.