Jefferson Greene selected as Wasco Chief in Special Election

The Election Board of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs presented the results of the May 15, 2024 Special Election to the Agency District Tribal Council members, who were in attendance via Zoom this morning.

There were a total of 585 ballots counted from both absentee and in-person voting. There were two questions on the ballot.

Question #1 was for selection of the Wasco Chief. Jefferson Greene was selected as the Wasco Chief with 204 votes. Wissie Smith had 117 votes. Alvis Smith III received 93 votes, followed by John Katchia Sr. with 64 votes. Garland Brunoe had 48 votes. Leona Ike and Dan Martinez each tallied 29 votes.

Question #2 passed with 333 “yes” votes to 232 “no” votes. It asked, “If, in the future, the duly elected Agency District (Wasco) Chief should be absent from the Tribal Council for a period of 60 days or fall ill or otherwise become unable to fulfill his official duties or resign from the position of Agency District (Wasco) Chief, then the duly elected Agency District Tribal Council Representatives at that time may appoint the surviving candidate from this election that received the most votes to act as Interim Agency District (Wasco) Chief to serve on the Tribal Council for a period not to exceed 18 months or until a permanent successor is selected by the Agency District Wasco people.”

See the Official Results HERE