May 15, 2024 Vote – Wasco Chief Candidates

The position of Wasco Chief has been vacant since the passing of Autwai Alfred Smith Jr., in fall 2022.  There are 3 hereditary chief positions on Tribal Council, one each for the 3 tribes – Wasco, Warm Springs & Paiute, as established in the Tribes’ Constitution and Bylaws.

Following several Public Meetings for the Wasco People, Warm Springs Tribal Council Agency District Representatives set the date of the Wasco Chieftainship Election for May 15th, 2024.  To allow the Agency District people decide who will serve as the next Wasco Chief.

There will be two questions on the ballot. The first is the selection of the next Wasco Chief. The second is, if the elected chief becomes unable to serve as Chief, should the next surviving highest vote getter on the ballot serve as an interim Chief until the Wasco people determine the replacement? The sitting Agency District’s representatives, at that time, will make the decision to implement this clause, if the vote affirms this second question.

The Agency representatives have asked two Wasco elders to monitor the process at the polls. The results will be reported to the Agency District Representatives to confirm the results. There were eight nominations and seven completed the qualifying process to be listed on the ballot as nominees.

Nominees are:

  • Wissie Smith
  • Garland Brunoe
  • Jefferson Greene
  • Leona Ike
  • John Katchia Sr.
  • Danny Martinez
  • Alvis Smith III

You can find candidate written statements at the Spilyay Tymoo website