Warm Springs OSU Extension May 2024

This month, Warm Springs OSU Extension is focused on Herbs, Hummus, Food Preservation Safety and a Beef Lunch and Learn opportunity on May 16th.

Bean Basics are offered in the Food Hero Monthly Articles.   Dried and canned beans are great food to keep on hand.  You may want to stock up when they are on sale.  Dried beans are usually cheaper than canned beans but take longer to cook. Canned beans are fully cooked and are ready to use cold or heated.  Although each type of bean is slightly different, you can swap one type for another in most recipes. Use what you have or buy what is cheapest or on sale.  You can replace 1 pound of meat with 2 cups of cooked beans in many recipes.  Bean Basics

Recipes this month include: Hummus and Quick Chili


You can learn about drying herbs with this GREAT ARTICLE

Remember to sterilize jars before canning anything to ensure food safety when doing preservation of any food item.  presterilize jars article

And there is a live, in person – meat processing Lunch and Learn on Thursday May 16th from noon-1pm at the Warm Springs Education Building Conference Room.  You can contract Scott Duggan to learn more at 541-447-6228.  Beef Lunch and Learn Flyer