CTWS Cannabis Election Not Valid

On June 5, 2024 Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Tribal Member Voters were asked to cast their ballot in a Tribal Referendum.

The referendum asked eligible voters to decide to approve or not approve the following:

Shall the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation (“Tribe”) authorize the Tribal Council to:

Allow, license, regulate and operate a Tribally-owned retail sales facility to be located on-reservation and/or on-trust land for sales of marijuana and related products for the legal possession and use of small quantities of marijuana by adults 21 years of age or older on-reservation.

There are 3,673 total eligible voters, and 1/3rd or 1,225 voters needed to vote for it to be a valid referendum.

The uncertified results of the election, according to CTWS Secretary-Treasurer/CEO Robert Brunoe are that there was a total of:

  • 866 votes cast
    • 663 in-person votes
    • 192 absentee ballots
    • 11 hand counted ballots

There were more yes than no votes for the referendum question however the 866 votes fell short of the required 1/3 or 1,225 voters needed for a valid election.

Once Tribal Council certifies the results of the election, that count will be made public.  That is expected to occur on Monday, June 10, 2024.