KWSO News 7/3/19

Fire season has officially been declared for the Warm Springs Reservation. The fire danger level is at moderate. Fire danger indices have been monitored from the weather stations on and near the reservation. Fire managers say that fuel conditions are still in transition from “partial live” to “nearly complete cured’ stage. This 4th of July, remember, folks are asked to light fireworks from one of these designated areas: Community Center parking lot, Simnasho Longhouse parking lot, Agency Longhouse parking lot or the Campus grassy area.

The MAC Recreation District is taking registrations for fall sports now. 5th & 6th grade tackle football and youth flag football for kids ages 4-9 are taking signups through July 16th. Youth Soccer has divisions for youth ages 4 to 14 and you can sign them up until August 12th. Register online at

The “Super Man ~ Wonder Woman Endurance” Foot and Bike Race Challenge on Sunday drew 26 contestants. Here are the results: The Foot Race alone had 16 participants. Adult male winner was Rudy Peone and Adult female winner Jane Cleavenger. Youth winner was Jayden Thompson. The Bike Race alone had three entries and was won by Fred Sanders. The foot & bike race combined had seven contestants and winning the Adult Male division was Stephen Vaeth. The Adult Female winner was Jamie Hurd . Youth winner Robert Warner.  Race director Azar Spino thanks all of the sponsors for their contributions, the participants and the volunteers who make it happen.

Here are the 2019 Piumesha Treaty Days Powwow youth winners from last weekend:

Girls Tiny Tots, 6 & under

1st       Soraya Caldera

2nd     Nainua Esquiro

3rd      Jessica Yelerchnin

4th      Hazel Quempts

5th      Analese Danzuka

Boys Tiny Tots, 6 & under

1st       Richard Starr Jr.

2nd     Skylar George

3rd      Malika Danzuka

4th      Jessie Jr.

5th      Ramone Thomas Jr.

Girls, 7 – 11 Yrs. Old

1st       Deeda Stacona

2nd     Sophia Jackson

3rd      Paula Tomma

4th      Madison Jacqueline

5th      Calyssa Fuentes

Boys, 7 – 11 Yrs. Old

1st       Arthur Miller

2nd     Joseph Boise

3rd      E.J. Denny

4th      Eva Jurado

5th      Jayden Walsey

Girls (12 – 16 Ys. Old –  Fancy/Jingle

1st       Junee Picard

2nd     Katelyn Tanewasha

3rd      Carissa Jackson

4th      Bethalyn Scabby Robe

5th      Shearcu Littlechild

Boys (12 – 16 Yrs.Old) –  Fancy/Grass

1st       Brylen ScabbyRobe          White Swan, WA

2nd     Devin Martinez        Wapato, WA

3rd      Sun Hawk Barney   Portland, OR

4th      Jayden Walsey       Wapato, WA

Girls (12 – 16 Yrs. Old) – Traditional Dance

1st       Jordan Heemsah

2nd     Kaylyani Estimo

3rd      Ei-sha Pirtle-Wright-Boise

4th      Marjorie Heath

5th      Angela Goudy

Boys (12 – 16 Yrs. Old) Traditional

1st       Jayden Esquiro

2nd     Joshua Martinez

3rd      Michael Bourgeau

4th      Labron Boise

5th      David George


Here are the 2019 Piumesha Treaty Days Powwow adult category winners from last weekend:

Women’s Fancy/Jingle

1st       ShiNaasha Pete

2nd     Julie Johnson

3rd      Aurelia Johnson

4th      Heaven Walsey

5th      Alanis Yazzie

Men’s Fancy/Grass

1st       Jesse Bevis

2nd     Ron Kicking Woman

3rd      Terry Heemsah Jr.

4th      Wilbur Oatman

5th      Redhorse Wesley

6th      Rolin Morningowl

Women’x Traditional

1st       Tilda Walsey

2nd     Leah Villa

4th      Sharmayne Frank

5th      Jasmine Mayokok

Men’s Traditional

1st       Logan Quaempts

2nd     Saul Jurado

3rd      Kiowa Dougherty

4th      Quindon Calica

5th      Jarvis Stwyer

Men’s Golden Age

1st       Terry Heemsah

2nd     Dan Nanamkin

3rd      Joe Tuckta

4TH     Roy Pete


Here are the 2019 Piumesha Treaty Days Powwow specials winners from last weekend:

Owl/Rabbit Dance

1st       Pat & Terry Heemsah

2nd     Wilma Buck & Saul Jurado

3rd      Ken & Corinna Miller

Women/Girls Team Round Dance

1st       Sweetheart Walsey’s – Tilda, Edith & Heaven Walsey

2nd     Napolean Express – Pat & Jordan Heemsah & Wilma Buck

3rd      Arizona Runaways – Alanis Yazzie & Persia & Siryan Sloan

4th      3 Teepee’s – Calyssa Fuentes, Jaliyah George & Deeda Stacona

Men/Boys Team War Dance

1st       MMiW – Dan Nanamkin, Kiowa Dugharty & Quindan Calica

2nd     Bustlers – Kellen Joseph, Jarvis Stwyer & Saul Jurado

3rd      J.L.M. – Jesse Bevis Sr., Mike Allen Sammaripa & Logan Quaempts

4th      Family – Devin & Joshua Martinez * Brian Maldanado

Shell Dress Dance Special

1st       Wilma Buck

2nd     Linda Meanus

3rd      Edith Walsey

Round Bustle War Dance Special

1st       Jarvis Stwyer

2nd     Jesse Bevis

3rd      Logan Queampts

Hand Drum Contest

1st       Eagle Spirit – Ronnie & Hawk Walsey & Mikey Sammaripa

2nd     Morning Star – Alesia & Arlita Eyle & Rudy Wachumwa

3rd      Hungary  Horse – Nick, Joe Small Johnson & Kelly