KWSO News 8/27/19

There are reports of water outages and low water pressure this morning (8/27/19) in Greeley Heights … Apparently there were some issues at the water treatment plant over the weekend that affected the rate at which the reservoirs were being filled up.  Those tanks are now being filled – however water consumption is high.  Everyone is reminded to continue to conserve water and that should return water pressure to the system.

An Agency District Meeting was held last night with about 60 Tribal Members in attendance.  Enterprises reported on their operations and their financial forecasts for 2020.   The 2020 projected revenue for the Tribes is about 3.5 million dollars less than in 2019.    Projecting the amount of money each Tribal Business will contribute to Tribal Operations is part of the annual Tribal Government Budget Process.  Revenue for the Tribal budget comes from Enterprise profits but also from Timber Revenue, Investment Income, Permits, Taxes, Fees, & Settlements.   Last month Tribal Departments were instructed to create budgets for 2020 based on Tribal Dollar reductions of 10, 20 and 30% to help accommodate the reduction in revenue.

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Branch of Public Safety is hosting their Community BBQ this Saturday from noon until 3pm on Campus.  The will have food, drinks, a raffle, music games and more.  Providing for the community as well as sharing information and  building relationships the annual Public Safety Community BBQ is hosted by Warm Springs police, Fire & Safety, Prosecution, Probation, Victims of Crime Services and Emergency Management.