KWSO News 9/4/19

A unique concert is taking place in Warm Springs tomorrow(9/5/19) – “In A Landscape” with Hunter Noack.  Noack grew up in Sunriver and is a classical pianist who has created opportunities for folks to enjoy classical music in the wilds of Oregon and the Northwest.  To improve concert goers audio experience – they listen through wireless headphones.  Noack’s Warm Springs Concert will take place in the open at the end of County Line Road from 5:30-7pm.  Tribal members can get free tickets online at .  Your ticket reserves a set of headphones for use.  If you plan on attending, take a chair or blanket.

The Jefferson County School District 509-J Board of Directors is accepting applications from interested community members who would like to fill two budget committee positions.  The Board will review applications and appointments will be made at the September 9, 2019 Board Meeting.  The appointment would become effective immediately upon appointment and end June 30, 2022. To be eligible for appointment, the candidate:

  1. Must live in Jefferson County
  2. Must not be an officer or employee of Jefferson County School District
  3. Must be a qualified voter of the District.

Applications may be obtained at the District Office or online at

Oregon health officials say they are investigating the death of a person who had severe respiratory illness after using an e-cigarette.  Investigators at the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division said Tuesday that they received reports that the person who died in July had recently used a vaping device containing cannabis bought from an Oregon store.  Officials say the person’s symptoms were consistent with those of over 200 similar cases affecting teens and adults in at least 25 states.  Public health physician Ann Thomas says investigators don’t yet know whether the illnesses are caused by contaminants, ingredients in the liquid or something such as the device itself. Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week recommended that people who vape consider avoiding e-cigarettes while they investigate.  Sickened individuals experienced symptoms including shortness of breath, cough and chest pain.