KWSO News for 10/29/19

The Warm Springs Gelding Clinic through the Range and Ag Department held in Conjunction with the Oregon State University school of Veterinary Medicine took place last week. Combining Tribal members on Horseback and OSU Staff and students, each person was affixed on the timing and the precision needed for the process to be successful and without incident. Experienced Tribal members working alongside the skilled OSU veterinary team and students made this clinic a well-planned and very successful event with 21 horses successfully gelded to mark the 13th successful year for the event.

Warm Springs vital statistics has been working with the Office of Special Trustee at the Umatilla Agency since the Warm Springs office is currently closed.  The first of this fall’s minor trust fund files are currently being worked on to be processed. If you need assistance – you can call the Trust Beneficiary Center at 888-678-6836 or call Kevin Moore at the Umatilla Agency at 541-278-3786.

A connection between Mosaic Medical and MHS Students is building with the renovation of the Pediatric Health Clinic on MHS Campus underway. The Bend Bulletin reports that Mosaic Medical received $34,000 in May from the state to spruce up the recently opened clinic. Madras Construction students are working on two aspects of the clinic renovation: building a deck and a pergola just outside the small building. The first update took place in June, which was repainting the building to the High Schools colors. The plan is to have the renovations complete by mid-December. The clinic at Madras High is one of six school based health centers Mosiac operates and serves children from birth to 18, even when school is not in session. You also do not need to be enrolled at MHS or even in Jefferson County to seen at the Health Clinic. Tamarra Harris, who runs all of Mosaic’s pediatric clinics, says she believes once the renovation is finished, students will take pride in the refreshed clinic.

In Local Sports: Lady Buffs Soccer is hosting Estacada in their Senior Night, game starts at 5pm, meanwhile the Buff Boys will be on the road to Estacada looking to finish the regular season with a win and possibly continue to the postseason. Coming up Saturday at Stampede Stadium, South Wasco County High will be playing for the 6 man state championship against the Eagles of Joseph. Warm Springs Tribal Members Timo Hisatake and Tyler Smith play for the Redsides and are looking to bring the championship back as well as avenge an earlier loss to the Eagles. Game time is at 7pm.