040820 CTWS ST/CEO Memo on extended government closure

033020 – 041020 CTWS shut down – whats open and whats closed

Jefferson County 509J No School Meals schedule

CTWS Update for 3/26/20

CTWS Essential Services available memo for Mar 30 – Apr 10, 2020 (03.25.2020)


Warm Springs Work Readiness efforts for Student Summer Work on hold 03/24/20

Warm Springs Housing Limited Hours Mondays & Fridays

Warm Springs Tribal Council Letter to Membership 03/23/20

CTWS Update for 3/20/20 including plan to shut down all but esstential Tribal Operations 3/30-4/10/20

Warm Springs Credit Enterprise closure for 2 weeks 03/20/20

Jefferson County 509J Schools polling families about internet connectivity & device availability

Indian Head Casino Closing 3/18/20 – Plateau Travel Plaza operations continue but with take out food only from the Three Teepees Cafe.

NAPOLS Legal Aid Clinic Cancelled  03/18/20 

Warm Springs Credit Enterprise restricted access 031720

Warm Springs DHS closed 03/17/20

Museum at Warm Springs Closed 03/17/20

Warm Springs Community Actino Team Closed 03/13/20 

Bend Social Security Closed 03/17/20

Warm Springs Telecom Operations 03/17/20

Warm Springs Correctional Facility Limited Access 03/17/20

Warm Springs Community Center Closed until further notice 03/17/20


Jefferson County Offices Restrictions 03/17/20

Boys & Girls Club of Warm Springs Closed 03/16/20 

Warm Springs Community Center Hours for week of 3/16/20

CTWS Emergency Declaration for Covid-19 3/13/10

Warm Springs Nation Little League suspension 03/13/20

Jefferson County 509J School Closed 3/16-3/31/20 + Student Meals for Breakfast and Lunch being offered by 509J 3/16-3/20/20

Warm Springs Tribal Council is Restricting Employee Travel 3/12/20

Warm Springs Housing Authority limiting entry into homes 3/12/20

Warm Springs Health & Wellness Center Access 03/12/20

Warm Springs Health & Wellness Center COVID-19 hotline 03/10/20