Calendar for Sat., Apr. 25, 2020

Indian Health Service and Warm Springs Community Health are providing services weekdays. They ask that you call the appointment line at 541-553-2610 BEFORE you go to the clinic.   They have a COVID-19 Nurse Triage Hotline Monday thru Friday at 541-553-5512.  Outside of I.H.S. regular hours – you can call the Registered Nurse Health Advice Hotline at 1-866-470-2015.

Things everyone should be doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19  is to:

  • Stay home as much as possible (kids, too).
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Disinfect surfaces routinely
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others any time you are out
  • Go out only for essentials like groceries, medical care, or work.
  • Wear a face mask – even a homemade cloth mask – when in public
  • Exercise Outside but stay 6 feet apart from others.
  • Use phone and video to connect with people instead of in person


  • DO NOT – Gather in groups
  • DO NOT – Get together with friends
  • DO NOT – Have play dates for kids
  • And DO NOT – Make unnecessary trips

The Warm Springs Shelter is closed until further notice.

DHS Staff are in Warm Springs Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1-4pm at the old Elementary Gym Building.  They are available to help with  TANF and SNAP benefits.  To learn more you can call Madras DHS 541-475-6131.

The deadline to register to vote in the  May 19th Primary election in Oregon – is coming up this Tuesday April 28th.  You can visit KWSO dot org and click on the voter registration link (

The current issue of the Spilyay Tymoo newspaper is available online along with archival issues include the years from 1986 to 2005. Check out  the Archives at W S News Dot ORG (

The easiest way to complete the 2020 Census during the Covid-19 pandemic is to do it online at MY 2020 Census DOT GOV (   If you don’t have the ability to do the census online – you can do the questionnaire by phone.  Call 844-330-2020.  Whether you do the 2020 census online or by phone – the Warm Springs Community Count Committee asks that you take time to do your census today, if you haven’t already done so.

KWSO’s Facebook page has joined both the Quarantine Dance Specials 2020 group and the Social Distance Powwow group.  We encourage our local community to participate in either or both of those groups.  If you do upload a video – please let us know – so we can share it as well.

Our Shout Out today is for all the Mask Makers creating face coverings for family, friends and for anyone who needs a facemask.  Whether you are donating masks or offering them for a fee…  it all helps us to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic.  Your skills are much appreciated!