KWSO News for 4/24/20

In yesterday’s daily update provided by the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs it was reported that 62 tests for COVID-19 have been done.  59 tests have returned negative with 1 test pending.  Earlier this week 2 positive tests did come back.  Warm Springs Community Health Staff continue work on contact tracing for those who tested positive following the Oregon Health Authority investigating guidelines.  If you have had contact with anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19, please contact Community Health.

COVID-19 claimed five more lives in Oregon as of yesterday morning, raising the state’s death toll to 83 according to the Oregon Health Authority.  Close to 44 thousand people have been tested with 2127 positive test results.

Warm Springs Tribal Council met yesterday to reinforce their interest in protecting the Tribal Membership and Community Members by continuing to urge people to stay at home, maintain social distancing, wash hands frequently, disinfect surfaces and wear a face covering in public.  Earlier in the week Tribal Council voted to keep the Tribal Government offices closed thru at least May 8th to help with limiting the spread of COVID-19

At the Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center they continue to screen everyone upon arrival.   I.H.S. spokesperson Diane Fuller reminds folks to let them know to call before you go in to the clinic…  “we would like people to call before they come to the clinic so that we can direct their can care needs to the appropriate area.  We are still scheduling for well child clinic, prenatal visits, some preventive and health maintenance issues.  We also would like to know if someone is coming in thinking they may have been exposed to COVID-19 or thinking they are symptomatic so we can direct them to the care they need. People are directed to the outdoor screening area when they first drive in and that is all drive up screening.  And then their care is directed from there with the provider determining what care and testing is needed.”  Fuller reminds those who need to refill prescriptions – that the pharmacy is offering curbside delivery service.  “When you pull in at the clinic and you tell them at the front gate that you are here for pharmacy pick up they will direct you to a pharmacy parking area.  There is a phone number to dial.  The pharmacy staff will gather up your medicine and walk them out to you in your car.”

Warm Springs Market is now requiring customers to wear a face covering to prevent the spread of COVID-19.   The store continues to serve the community 6 days a week.  Previously they asked shoppers to limit their numbers to one person per household, to not bring children into the store, and to maintain 6 feet distance as possible.  Recently they installed clear barriers between their cashiers and customers as an additional protection for both employees and those shopping.

Cascades East Transit is also requiring that riders wear a face covering while using public transportation.  They remind riders that Saturday community connector service is suspended.