KWSO News Covid-19 Update for 5/15/20

According to the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs there are 17 positive cases of COVID-19 on the Reservation, as of 4:30pm today (5/15/2020).   8 of those people have recovered.

The Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center has sent in or tested:

  • 285 samples
  • 264 returned negative
  • 1 test result pending
  • 3 invalid tests were redone

The Oregon Health Authority issued new guidance today on a range of issues related to Oregon reopening amid the pandemic.     Those included suggestions — and mandates — for face coverings. OHA suggests adults and children over the age of two wear a mask or face cloth when going into grocery stores or other places that vulnerable populations have to visit.

Businesses must require and provide face coverings to employees. They have the option of requiring masks for customers too — but must post clear signs indicating that.

Masks are also mandatory for passengers on public transit.   OHA says transit agencies have to ensure passengers have ample space on buses and trains to social distance. Transit officials also have to provide employees access to sanitation products.

Locally Face Coverings were already required for riding Cascades East Transit Buses.  Face Coverings are also needed for shoppers at Warm Springs Market and the Shell Station, also at Three Warriors Market in Simnasho, and at the Plateau Travel Plaza in Madras.

For everything you need to know about what “reopening” is and how we are still in a pandemic as more businesses re-open at the Safe & Strong Oregon Website

For a great COVID-19 version of Billy Joel’s song The Longest Time – check out this video from the Phoenix Chamber Choir in Vancouver, Canada.