KWSO News Covid-19 Update 7/10/20

This afternoon’s COVID-19 UPDATE from the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs reports that the number of cases of coronavirus held at 103 for the reservation community.  76 of those people have recovered.  1329 tests have been done with 41 tests still pending.  7 people have been hospitalized with 5 individuals discharged.

The Oregon Health Authority are seeing increasing spread of COVID-19 at social gatherings like graduations, birthdays, weddings and holidays. COVID-19 is also spreading more among social activities involving groups of younger people, with outbreaks linked to exercise classes, a fraternity party and a bachelor party, among other gatherings.

While it is difficult not to celebrate these events as we have in the past, COVID-19 is spreading in our communities and people must think hard about altering daily routines that may put people at risk.

These conversations aren’t easy. It can feel like your judging other people’s decisions or like you’re overreacting. But COVID-19 is serious, and these precautions can make a difference. Here are some tools for talking to friends and family about getting together, offering alternatives and discussing your boundaries.