KWSO News Covid-19 Update 9/23/20

5 additional cases of Covid-19 were reported between the end of the day Monday, September 21, 2020 and the end of the day Tuesday, September 22, 2020

  • 345 Positive cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in Warm Springs since testing began
  • 24 Current Active Cases of Covid-19
  • 6 close contacts being monitored by Public Health
  • 3176 tests have been done
  • 39 people have been hospitalized
  • 37 have been discharged from the hospital
  • There have been 9 deaths due to Covid-19 in the Warm Springs Community


The Warm Springs Covid-19 team has been a unified effort for the Tribes’ incident command and the IHS incident command taking the lead.  This combined team has been a benefit for local response to Covid-19 especially when it comes to supplies and testing.

Early on, Indian Health Service provided one Abbott ID Now analyzer to Warm Springs and   that has been in use since testing began with same day test results.  Along with that – there are tests that get sent to the state lab, with those results typically taking a few days.

There was an interest in getting a second Abbott machine to do more testing – to stay ahead of community spread with more random surveillance testing, with same day results.

A second Abbott Machine was requested from IHS but never came.

Meanwhile – the Warm Springs Tribes had successfully obtained Personal Protective Equipment and other supplies from the State and the State National Guard.  Those ongoing efforts, filling out paperwork, and assistance from existing partners at the State – paved the way for a successful request for a second – new Abbott ID Now Analyzer and supplies for Warm Springs.

That new unit is expected to be ready for use this week.


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