KWSO News Covid-19 UPDATE 10/9/20

There was 1 new positive case of Covid-19 yesterday as reported in today’s (10/9/20) Warm Springs Community Covid-19 update.

There are 19 Active Cases of Covid-19 along with 228 close contacts being monitored by Public Health.

  • There have been 366 Positive Cases of Covid-19 in Warm Springs since testing began
  • A total of 3680 tests have been
  • 41 people have been hospitalized with Covid-19. 40 have been discharged
  • 9 Warm Springs people have died from Covid-19

A new survey by the Oregon Health Authority shows how Oregonians feel about COVID-19. While most are worried about the coronavirus, there’s a lot of variation in how willing people are to make sacrifices to stay safe.

Over half of all Oregonians rarely meet with friends, and only in small groups. But a small but significant group are going about life as normal. 20% of respondents said they’d gone to gatherings with more than ten people in a 2-week period. OHA spokesperson Robb Cowie says that taken with other results, it paints a grim picture.

COWIE: People who are gathering in groups of ten or more were also the people who expressed skepticism about whether a mask protects you or whether staying 6 feet apart protects you. It’s that nexus there that has caught our attention and raises our concern.

There is some good news: More than 8 in ten Oregonians report wearing masks in indoor public spaces —  and six in ten said they stay 6 feet apart in public — The survey also found that the Latino community, which has been hard-hit in Oregon, face more barriers when trying to isolate at home.


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