KWSO Calendar for Fri., May 13, 2022

At the Warm Springs K8 their May Character Trait is Empathy.  Empathy means that someone is able to share or understand the emotions and feelings of another person.  You can show empathy by – modeling kindness, actively listening, recognizing other people’s emotions, and treating other people how you want to be treated.

Senior Lunch is today for delivery or pick up at the Greeley Heights Community Building 11:30-1pm.  On the menu is: baked salmon, brown rice, steamed veggies and canned fruit.

Yoga Strong class is today at noon in the old elementary school gym.

The “I Am a Story” project is collecting stories of folks who live in Jefferson County. The Jefferson County Library invites you share stories about recent history and present issues in Jefferson County. It’s easy to do. Go to and click on “I Am a Story” under Quick Links. You can learn more about the project there and ways you can share your story.

COCC’s Madras campus will have its 10-year anniversary celebration and the college’s annual salmon bake on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  There will also be a silent auction to benefit the First Nations Scholarship Fund, dancing, drumming and vendors. It’s free and open to the public.

May 17th is Election Day in Oregon.  This year – postmarks count for ballots as long as they are postmarked by 8pm on May 17th.  In Warm Springs the post office will postmark mail until 4:30 sharp.   Ballots can also be placed in official drop boxes anywhere in the state.  In  Warm Springs there is a ballot box on Campus across the street from the Post Office and also in Simnasho in the Three Warriors Parking Lot.

The Pi-Ume-Sha Treaty Days Powwow and the Pi-Ume-Sha Rodeo will not be held this year but some other activities are happening.  The Pi-Ume-Sha Health Fair is Wednesday June 22nd.  The Museum at Warm Springs new exhibit opening will be Thursday June 23rd.   And there will be a parade on Saturday June 25th to honor Veterans.  You can contact Ramona Baez at (541) 460-0077 for more information.  The Pi-Ume-Sha Committee does encourage folks to follow the parade with some fun time drumming and dancing at the Pi-Ume-Sha Grounds.  If you or your organization has something planned for that weekend – please let KWSO know so we can share it with others.

Many Tribal Offices continue to have phone issues.  If you need to make contact with a program or department you might try and send them an email.  If you need help finding an email address you can call KWSO at 541-553-1968 and we can try and assist you.

A shoe giveaway event is planned for May 21st at the Warm Springs CPS playground. Shoes and socks will be given out to youth who have been signed up in advance. There will also be music, food, and raffles.  Contact Doug at 503-939-2470 or Greg at 503-658-2248.

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