CTWS Minor Trust Fund Update

The Warm Springs Vital Statistics Department reminds Tribal Member Graduates that you need to submit your diploma and transcript for the fall Trust Fund payment.

The following students need them to bring them to the Tribal Administration office ASAP.

You can contact Ms Piercy at 541-475-7265 X 2316  or Ms Wetzel @ Bridges 541-475-4820 x 2800 tp get your transcript.

  • Amissa Anderson
  • Cora L Arthur
  • Hailey Cochran
  • Toya Perez
  • Louie Johnson Smith
  • Lebron Thompson
  • Isaac Boise
  • Lebron Boise
  • Zecharya Charley
  • Thaiisa Dixon
  • Demariouse Fuiava
  • Damon Garcia
  • Margaret Guardipee VanPelt
  • Gary Green Heath
  • Devery Knight
  • Karina Lopez
  • Pierre McCloud
  • RileyRey Miller
  • Isabel Price
  • Drew Rabbi
  • Adam Gabriel Arthur Rubio Jr
  • Alexi A Smith
  • Devere Sohappy
  • Coreena Stwyer
  • Thomas Walker

If you need more information you can email lucille.suppach@wstribes.org in the Vital Stats Department