KWSO News for Mon., Nov. 7, 2022

Election Day is Tuesday November 8th.  There are 4 Ballot Measures that Oregonians will be deciding.  KWSO spoke with Greg Leo who is a public affairs consultant with a focus on Oregon.  He talks about Measure 113 which would Amend the Constitution.  The measure says – “Legislators with ten unexcused absences from floor sessions disqualified from holding next term of office” “This comes out of the walk outs of the 2020 legislature. Where the legislators didn’t want to vote on a bill on the carbon bill. So the Republicans walked out. Previously, a decade before, the Democrats walked out. So both parties have walked out at various times. This constitutional amendment would say that “if there are 10 unexcused absences, that legislator would not be able to run for office in the next term.” As a way of keeping them in the building, defines it as disorderly conduct. And it does not allow them, or it makes them actually stay on the floor so that they have to vote on a bill they wouldn’t want to vote on. So it gets rid of the minority party’s technique of just walking out if they don’t want to vote on a bill.” He talks about Measure 114 would “Require a permit to acquire firearms; police maintain permit/firearm database; criminally prohibits certain ammunition magazines” “What this would do is it would require background checks, safety training and a fee for a permit to acquire firearms. And then state police maintains this permit firearm database. It criminally prohibits magazines of more than ten rounds. And so, this would prohibit a 30 round magazine and would say that you can’t have a magazine larger then 10 rounds. All of this is directed at trying to stop mass shootings and illegal use of firearms. And so, it creates this permit process which is very similar to what we do nowadays for concealed weapons. You know where you have to take a course and the local county sheriff has to sign off on it. This database would make it so that, if you had an outstanding warrant or say you had some kind of restraining order or if it seemed like you were a danger to yourself for mental health reasons, you would not be granted the permit and you could not legally buy the firearm.” You can learn more about the measures in your Voters’ Pamphlet that is also available online at the Oregon Secretary of State website. Ballot Dop Boxes are located in Warm Springs on the corner across from the Post Office on Campus, in the Parking Lot at Three Warriors Market in Simnasho and in Madras in the parking lot at the County Clerk’s office at 66 SE D Street.

The trial for the shooting and killing of an unarmed Black man in Bend last year is in full swing. Attorneys on both sides debated if the shooting was intentional or an act of self-defense. Joni Auden Land reports. “Prosecutors claim 22-year-old Ian Cranston, who is white, waited 30 seconds before shooting Barry Washington, killing him outside a nightclub in late 2021. The altercation, they say, began after Washington flirted with Cranston’s fiancee, which then boiled over into a physical fight. Defense attorney Kevin Sali (SA-lee) said Washington had punched Cranston multiple times and that his client feared another strike. Jurors will have to decide whether Cranston acted in self-defense or if he killed Barry Washington without reason. The shooting has spurred various protests. Protesters have marched in downtown Bend each day of trial and are expected to continue. I’m Joni Auden Land reporting”

In Local Sports: Madras Lady Buff Runner Hannah MacDuffee was in Eugene last Saturday for the State Cross Country Championships. She finished the 4A state championships in 22nd with a time of 21mins 5.6secs, which was 2mins 18.1secs off of 1st place runner Kyla Potratz of Phoenix. Congratulations to Hannah on her trip to the State championships.

KWSO Weather for Central Oregon:

  • Partly Sunny today with a 20% chance of rain and a high near 50 degrees
  • Tonight, Mostly Cloudy with a slight chance of rain and a low around 25
  • Mostly Cloudy tomorrow with a slight chance of snow and a high of 41 degrees