KWSO News for Tue., Nov. 15, 2022

Annual Warm Springs Employee Comp and Benefits meetings continue this morning and tomorrow morning at the Fire Management Training Room, each day at 9, 10 & 11.   The deadline for all forms to be submitted is November 30th.  A hard copy of all forms must be submitted to the Human Resources Department at the Tribal Admin Building.  Emails with more information and forms have been sent to tribal employee emails.

Warm Springs Geo Visions is sponsoring Oral History Training December 5-7 featuring David Caruso, PhD from Philadelphia’s Science History Institute. This Workshop will introduce attendees to all aspects of the interview process, including general oral history theory and methodology, in-person and remote interviewing techniques, legal and ethical issues, transcription practices, archiving, recording equipment and its use, data management, and other relevant topics. Attendees are encouraged to bring their research ideas for discussion/feedback. It’s free and participants will receive a certification of completion. You must register by November 30th – email your name and contact info to HELLO at WS GEO VISIONS dot COM

After years of dwindling returns, the Bandon Hatchery and Coquille [koh-KWEL] Tribe are excited to see at least 150 breeding pairs of fall Chinook salmon this year. That’s one of the highest returns in nearly two decades. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports: “Replenishing the salmon numbers has been an intensive team effort among the Coquille Tribe, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Port of Bandon, and Coquille [koh-KEE-ehl] Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program. John Ogan [OH-gun] is the assistant executive director for Natural Resources for the Coquille Tribe. John Ogan01: “Last year it was 24 breeding pairs, the year before that it was 3, and then in the neighborhood of 20 for a couple of years prior. In 2017, there were 88 breeding pairs collected. As I mentioned, the goal is 75. This year we kinda smashed that record with over 100 breeding pairs.” Fertilized eggs will be kept in incubation tanks, then moved to another hatchery where juvenile salmon will hatch. Eventually they’ll be released into the Coquille [koh-KEE-ell] River system. The Coquille tribe declared an emergency last year, given the hard dive in chinook numbers due to invasive bass, predators, and environmental challenges. I’m Brian Bull reporting in Eugene.”

Following the launch of an opioid treatment clinic in Salem last year, the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde [rawnd] say they’ll open another one in the New Year. Kelly Rowe [rhymes with “how”] is executive director of Health Services for the tribe. She says the second Great Circle Recovery clinic will be located in Portland. “And this is an extension of that opioid treatment programing that has been incredibly successful to provide these services to our native community, or tribal members, and non-natives. But to bring it to Portland so that we can treat our native community up there also, just bringing spiritual and physical healing to those around us.” A 2017 Oregon report says culturally attuned treatment benefits Native Americans more than standard models.

In Local Sports: The Warm Springs K-8 Eagles Boys Basketball hosted Obsidian Middle School yesterday with the 6th and 7th grade boys at the community center and the 8th grade boys at the K-8 Academy. The 6th/7th Grade B team fell to Obsidian 54-12 while the 7th Grade A team fell 26-25. The 8th Grade B team won by a score of 33-17 and the 8th Grade A team won in a blowout 74-24. Next up for the Eagles Boys, they will be on the road tomorrow as they travel over to the Jefferson County Middle School, tip-off is at 4pm.

KWSO Weather for Central Oregon:

  • Cloudy through mid-morning with a high near 44 degrees
  • Tonight, Partly Cloudy with a low around 22
  • Sunny tomorrow with a high of 47 degrees