KWSO Veterans Day Programming

KWSO will be sharing special programming today for Veterans Day.  Here is our line up:

  • 6am – Veterans Day Talking Drum Hour
  • 7am – Interviews with Grant Waheneka, Art Mitchell, Dan Brisbois, Bud Hemholtz, Loyal Miller & Chesley Yahtin
  • 8am – Pi-Ume-Sha 2009 Veteran Recognition & Ericksons Air Museum Program
  • 9am – My Dad’s Favorites: An All-American Greatest Generation Playlist
  • 10am – Interviews with Malcolm Griswald, Kathleen Heath, Randy Smith, Ross Kalama, Rain Circle
  • 11am – Interviews with Billy Mills, Kirby Heath, Tony “Big Rat” Suppah, Kenman Miller, Jody Calica, Walter “Spud” Langnese
  • 12pm – Honoring All Veterans Talking Drum Hour
  • 1pm – KWSO Veterans Day Language Program plus interviews with Linda Wood & Stacy Pearsall
  • 2pm – Enduring Freedom: Native American Women Veterans
  • 3pm – Tom Tucker Memorial Ceremony
  • 4pm – StoryCorps Stories & Songs of American Warriors
  • 5pm – Interviews with Mike Williams, Janice Smith, Larson Kalama, Keith Baker, Tashna Hicks, Austin Smith Jr., & Dustin Seyler
  • 6pm – Interviews with Raylene Ike Thomas, Jonathan Courtney, Ramona Baez, Dan Martinez, Dustin Seyler
  • 7pm – “Veterans Day” On the Rez 7 – November 2011
  • 8pm – Centenary Edition: World War I Living History Project Hour 1
  • 9pm – Centenary Edition: World War I Living History Project Hour 2
  • 10pm – Surviving the Bataan Death March – 80th Anniversary Encore Presentation
  • 11pm – The Afghanistan Papers

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