Hydro Panels Off Line

The solar powered hydro panel facility in the Warm Springs Industrial Park is not operational at this time.

The water distribution project is operated by the Warm Springs Economic Development Corporation and is located next to the old vehicle pool – across the street from the Tribal Warehouse.  According to Jim Souers, Economic development CEO – freezing weather conditions, caused a malfunction in the jug filling faucets.   Another weather-related issue is the automatic shutdown of the hydro panels when the temperature reaches 34 degrees.  This makes filling the water tanks take longer.

Staff are monitoring the tanks refill status and hopefully warmer, sunny dates will allow the facility to distribute drinking water to the community again.

The SOURCE Hydro panels were installed in 2021.  The technology utilizes solar powered fans that push ambient air into a highly absorbent material, trapping water vapor. Heat from the sun condenses that moisture and the distilled water pools in a chamber where minerals are added.

When operating, water is available for local residents on Mondays.