Point in Time Meeting

The Point in Time Homeless Count is next Tuesday January 24th.  Dayle Tufti is helping to coordinate the count at the Family Resource Center.

“This is the State of Oregon and pretty much across the Nation. They do this count to see how big of a crisis housing is at this time, at this exact point in time for the year. And what services may or may not be being provided to people that are in need. Whether that’s housing, emergency shelters due to a loss of a home, coming back from treatment, needing a safe place to stay where you can still maintain your sobriety. And receive support that you need from your behavioral health counselor, your substance abuse counselor, your probation officer, whatever you may need to keep your sobriety going.”

There is a survey that will be conducted for anyone who is unsheltered or in temporary housing.  Folks who don’t have a permanent home are also encouraged to participate. There will be food served and incentives for participants.