Warm Springs Red Cross

Warm Springs Red Cross has a meeting tomorrow (3/14/23) at 11am at the Family Resource Center.

The American Red Cross offers training and certification to individuals and organizations for First Aid, CRP and Much more.

Patti Smith, a Disaster Program Manager for Red Cross for Central and Eastern Oregon and Klikitat and Sakamia Counties in Washington, was in in Warm Springs last year talking about what her involvement in Red Cross is saying she “Oversees a team of volunteers who go out and responds to disasters.  That can be home fires or major wildfires, evacuation and sheltering situations.”  She’s also involved with a team that does things like smoke alarm installs to help people feel safe in their homes.  Another element of her work is  youth preparedness presentations where they talk to kids about emergency preparedness and how to be safe during an emergency situation.

Warm Springs Red Cross is looking for new volunteers to help in emergency situations but also to provide preventative services and education in the community.  On their agenda, tomorrow, is getting ready for fire season and smoke detector checks and replacements.  Everyone is welcome to attend.