OSU Extension News for Dec 2023

OSU Extension News – December 2023

The History of Frybread

Frybread or the bread of resilience has been a staple in traditional foods for many tribes across the United States. It was known as a survival food for many of the indigenous people forced off of their lands. Started as rations given to the people by the US government, turned to a traditional food. The Navajo people being the first to turn the ration provided by the government into a survival food. Due to the relocation of Native Americans, many were left without their traditional foods. Although the ingredients are not part of the traditional food, frybread has been passed down for generations and shared between many tribes. Connecting the people through a shared cultural experience, despite its oppressive background. This diverse bread can be made right in your home. Make it into a savory meal or a delicious desert for you and your family. Here is a link to Rosanna’s Fry Bread along with more information about frybread.

Looking for a healthy alternative for frybread toppings? Check out this recipe for Lentil Taco FIlling This recipe is a great option for people that are vegetarian or just want to try something different.

Looking to be a leader? The OSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program is looking for Volunteers for their 4-H Clubs. They are looking for committed and caring volunteers to help with the various programs provided by OSU Extension. Which includes shooting sports, livestock, art clubs, and more. You can contact Tracy Wilson or Sara Olson with OSU Extension 4-H if you are interested in becoming a leader. Not ready to be a leader just yet? You can volunteer to be one of the guest speakers or help out with one of the other leaders that are apart of the programs. Your participation and talents can make a big impact?

Safety Tips for freezing left overs:

  • Left over should be frozen within three days to ensure safety.
  • Choose container that are freezer safe. Using glass jars with straight side are one of the best options. Make sure it has straight so that it does not crack during freezing process. Food expands when it freezes so make sure that there is at least 2 inches of space at the top.
  • If you use plastic bags to freeze food then make sure that there is no air in the bag to avoid freezer burn. Freezer burned food are still safe to eat but it leaves your food with a funny taste and texture. Most foods are able to last up to months in the freezer.

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