Agency Water System Water Conservation Order

This week –  contractors will be working on the Warm Springs Agency Water System Water Plant’s Electrical and Control system start up.  For the work to be accomplished – Agency Water Users will be relying on water held in their storage tanks with the Water Plan Offline.

Agency Water System Users Include but are not limited to: Wolfe point, KNT Resort, Sunnyside, Tenino Valley, HWY 26 Corridor, Indian Head Casino, WS Composite, Greeley Heights, West Hills, Trailer Courts, Tenino Apartments, Upper Dry Creek subdivision, & the Warm Springs Industrial Park.

A Conservation of Water Order has been issued by the CTWS Branch of Public Utilities, for this work that will be conducted Monday, March 25,2024 @ 5:00 am thought Wednesday, March 27,2024 @ 10 pm.  If water users can conserve water by limiting use over this 3 day period – there should be enough water in the storage tanks to meet everyone’s needs.

The existing water treatment plant has been going through a Project Design Build (PDB) for the last 3-4 years to maintain compliance with Federal, State and Tribal Rules and Regulations. The Environmental Protection Agency had issued Order of Consent 1414 and 1431 to the Tribes in 2019.

EPA and the Tribal Staff has been working hard and in unison to accomplish this task to provide clean, safe drinking water through this renovation project. The PDB project includes but limited to the removal/replacement of equipment such as pumps, motors, control valves, electrical upgrades, chemical analysis and also incorporating a SCADA system.

Currently the existing system is run manually and this PDB will allow the operators to have better monitoring and controls to the water plant.