Smelt fishing in the Sandy River

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Branch of Natural Resources today announced that smelt have arrived in the Sandy River.

There is a tribal allocation of 2,500 lbs. of fish.

When fishing, people are asked to be careful about catching salmon smolts and asked to release them unharmed immediately.  Smolts will be bright silver with sleek looking bodies and the end of their tale will have a dark band.  The wild fish are endangered so it is especially important to release them alive.

Harvests must be reported within 24 hours to creel technicians Tiger Van Pelt and Gary Smith or call them in to Mark Manion at 541-460-0272.

As stated in CTWS Resolution No. 13,115, “In recognition of the traditional methods, smelt may be harvested with dip nets 7 days per week during the run. Fish may be present from December to May with the peak month of March. Fishing will continue until the allocation of 2,500 lbs. is reached or the run ends. Harvest will be tracked by creel census. Fishing may take place between 6am and 6pm.”

You can refer to the Resolution for further regulations HERE.