VeggieRx Summer Solstice Meet the Farmer Tasting Event

Yesterday, Thursday, June 20, 2024, the Veggie Rx program held a Summer Solstice – Meet the Farmer Tasting Event at the Warm Springs Family Resource Center. Ben Marsh, the CEO and Co-founder of Around the Bend Farms said they are focused on growing food specifically for people who often have a lack of access to good healthy food.  “We have a pilot project that we’re doing right now in Warm Springs with a food access and food security initiative that we decided that we want to do and we’re so excited about it because we’re working with Community members here Warm Springs, specifically for the VeggieRX program.  The project will be for over a minimum term of three years and we’re just super excited about it. We’re also looking at other way that we can get food to people here at Warm Springs.  We’re looking at the food bank and also the homeless shelter and then we’re also trying to figure out if we can get food to the Early Childhood Education Program as well.  Those are all very new developments and so it’s gonna take some time for us to plan it out and figure out food programs but it’s all starting with the VeggieRX program.”

Kelly Moffatt is with the High Desert Food & Farm Alliance and is the VeggieRX Senior Manager.   She was on hand for the tasting event in Warm Springs saying the food prepared was all from local sources.  “The tasting included a corn bean salad with local onions and berries, plus whipped topping.” 

“VeggieRX features locally grown produce that is free, that is something you would pick up every week for 10 weeks.”  To learn more about how to qualify for the VeggieRX program, contact or call her at 541-310-3111 or stop by the Family Resource Center and talk with Dayle Tufti, or talk with your medical provider at the Warm Springs Indian Health Services Clinic.