KWSO Survey

At KWSO we recently did an in-person survey about how you listen and connect to KWSO.  Of the 96 people surveyed – 96% said they listen to KWSO.  29% said they listen to KWSO for about an hour each weekday.  About half of those we asked said they listen for the Community Calendar, Events and Opportunities and Local News.  27% of those surveyed say they use the KWSO App.

We know not everyone listens to the radio, but we are encouraged that 73% said they have a radio in their home.  Equally encouraging is that 10% of those we talked too said they list using the KWSO App.

Our next effort is to identify how KWSO might serve the community using new technology by participating in a national public media survey and we want your opinion!  This will help us give you more of what you want and better understand how Warm Springs uses technology. Please take 15 minutes to give us your feedback.

The survey ends Monday July 15, 2024.  Thanks in advance for taking the time to participate in this survey!