News for Tue., May 26, 2020

Schoolie Flat homes from the Simnasho Cemetery to the top of the grade above the fish hatchery is without water.  Public Utilities Water Department is working on repairs at the Schoolie Water System where pumps to fill the reservoir have failed.  Portable toilets are in place at effected residences and drinking water is available at the S-300 road.

The Branch of Public Utilities Water and Wastewater department reminds users of the Warm Springs Agency Water System to plan on conserving water this summer as the system continues to operate on emergency repairs.  The Agency Water System  Includes: Kah-Nee-Tah Resort, Wolfe Point, Sunnyside, Dry Creek subdivision, Industrial Park Miller Heights, Campus, West Hills, Tenino Valley, Tenino Apartments, Trailer Courts, Greeley Heights subdivision and also the Hwy 26 Corridor from Brunoe Logging to Eagle Crossing Restaurant.    Currently, they are able to maintain flow rates to the reservoirs to keep them full enough to provide normal daily use of housing and commercial buildings but everyone is encouraged to do their part in conserving water to maintain the reservoir levels for urgent and emergency use.  Last year’s emergency repair of the line at the Shitike Creek crossing still needs replacement with a larger permanent line which is in the engineering development stage right now.  Replacement is still a year away.  Some of the things we can do to help the conservation efforts include limiting the use of water for lawns by only watering in the early morning or late evening hours for a few minutes at a time.  We can also limit the use by not allowing water to run down driveways.  Homeowners can do their part by making sure their water service lines are not leaking by getting them repaired as soon as possible.

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs is planning a phased reopening of Tribal Offices beginning next Monday June 1st.  25% of the furloughed workforce will return on that day with more to follow the week of June 8th and then more the next week.  At the Early Childhood Education Center, they are a State Licensed Child Care facility and so must follow specific rules.   They too will phase in a return for children – allowing extra time for staff to clean and sanitize at the end of each day.  There will be staggered drop off and pick up times and initially less children in each room than normal  to start with.  Families were contacted already to inform them of the plan and their options.  The ECE Plan was sent out to all employees last Friday.

Cascades East Transit buses have operated continuously through the COVID-19 pandemic, providing, flex-route service in Warm Springs with community connector service to Madras.  Last week CET announced addition protocol they have added using guidance from the Oregon Health Authority.  This includes high touch surfaces being disinfected every 4 hours on buses and at facilities – along with additional signage and visual cues on all buses to encourage passengers to stand and sit at least three feet away from other passengers and six feet away from drivers.  CET staff are posting maximum occupancy numbers on each bus to ensure adequate social distancing and passengers are still required to wear face coverings such as masks, scarves, and bandanas when boarding the bus.